Study Tips for the New Term

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Study Tips for the New Term

For an upper hand in the classroom discover our tips on how to start the term with a positive attitude and productive approach.

Always Make Notes

Mastering the art of note taking is an essential skill for all students. A great tip is to bullet point key words and phrases into your note section, then re-read the notes after class keeping the information fresh in your memory - this approach will be vital for exam time.

Ask Questions

It can be daunting sitting through class in silence or dreading being asked a question out of the blue. By taking 20 minutes beforehand to write down a few talking points on the curriculum means you will feel confident and have lots to contribute.

Promise Your Time

It's important to have balance in your approach to studying. Setting aside a dedicated time each day for revision or study will help you remain focused and confident in what you have accomplished that day. It also ensures you protect your time for socialising and rest which are equally important.

Be The Early Bird

Healthy mind starts with a healthy body; improve your energy levels by starting the day with exercise or an hour of reflection. Try setting your alarm a little earlier to make time for these activities, even if the extra time is spent having breakfast at home instead of on the go. .

Be Prepared

Having the right diary is essential for organisation and are designed to capture everything from exams to study sessions. Featuring timetable templates, academic terms and year planners; our diaries are the perfect companion when it comes to remaining organised for the school year ahead.