When John Letts combined a journal with a calendar in 1812 he engineered a unique accessory, inventing and publishing the world’s first known commercial diary or planner. For more than 200 years, global generations of people including royalty and many key historical figures have used a Letts product to plan and journal their lives.

Letts Original Diary

“Since day one in 1796 we have maintained a manufacturing
presence in Great Britain, proudly passing the bookmaking
knowledge and skills from one generation to the next.”

Letts Heritage

Never in the way, nor out of the way; we have captured stories and unique moments in history. The secret to our longevity is quality and innovation. Through dedication and commitment, we have proudly maintained a manufacturing plant in Great Britain for the entirety of our Heritage. To this day we continue to use the same time tested craftsmanship of traditional book binding. True to John Letts’ original vision, we still produce quality stationery that helps you tell your story and plan for the future.

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